About Tapigami

Applying your imagination to masking tape!

At it’s core, Tapigami is the art of applying imagination to rolls of tape. Any kind of tape – but mostly masking tape. As an accessible & interactive art form, Tapigami is designed to socially engage & educate artists of all ages.

The medium of masking tape allows the artist to create a work of art inexpensively anywhere. Armed with a pair of scissors, tape and imagination – a practitioner of Tapigami can rapidly turn a stranger into a friend, create gifts for loved ones, reimagine culture into tape creations, and become a Tapigami ambassador to spread the craft to a new crop of artist.

Tapigami’s motto is TOUCH THE ART! This core principle comes from the belief that art is better shared than just seen. Through the exploration of creativity and imagination, Tapigami is proof that we are all capable of being artists.

Tapigami. It sticks with you.

Tapigami’s Creator

Danny and with a couple fans

Danny with a couple fans

Danny Scheible created Tapigami as his primary artform while studying contemporary and fine art at the University of California, Santa Cruz. As a native to Sacramento, Danny returned home to spread his new artform across the globe from his studio, now based in Curtis Park, and has watched as Tapigami has spread allover California, the corners of the United States, and as far away as classrooms in South Africa. Reach him at danny@tapigami . com

Support the Art

Buy the Book


Tapigami & Danny Scheible invite you to participate in Tapigami! Artists of any age can learn to make Tapigami creations using the Tapigami How To Book! 

Danny’s Art

Danny is a prolific artist and is constantly making new pieces. Shop on the online store for his latest creations.


Tape City


Danny is perhaps best know for his large scale and interactive Tape City installations. At over 1500 square feet, this installation has won 9 Editor’s Choice from the Maker Faire & 1 Educator’s Choice Award from the Exploratorium and the reigning Best Visual Artist of Sacramento by the Sacramento News & Review. Take a trip with us to his 2013 Maker Faire exhibition!


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