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Bay Area Maker Faire!!


Seven years of work = the largest Tapigami installation EVER!

Last weekend marked Tapigami’s appearance at the seventh  annual Bay Area Maker Faire!  It was our first time presenting, and we made the most of it by unveiling the largest installation ever.

With the world’s most amazing volunteer staff that money couldn’t even buy, we assembled the thousands of hangars into a curtain wall to give a colorful backdrop to over 80,000 individual tape sculptures.  From a long blue river bisecting the TapeCity, to our flower-filled garden to “tiny town” to Downtown, the city was the most intricate, diverse, and expansive installation ever displayed.

In addition we also unveiled our first “How-To” book designed by the talented Callista “CC” Wengler which proved to be our most popular item of the weekend.

It went well with our demonstration area led by Danny and some of our craftier volunteers, that showed eager fans how to make Tapigami at home.

Also for the first time we had Tapigami t-shirts available, with custom screen-printing provided on-site by our resident artist Mike Hoffman!  All of our volunteers got custom shirts and Mike provided custom screenprints of different Tapigami pieces that faire-goers could get put on their own clothing, bags, freak-flags whatever!

Speaking of Freak-Flags we were wholly unprepared for the amazing scene that was the Maker Faire. From people watching to fire-breathing dragons to Tesla-coil lightning bands to an fire-spewing umbrella statue there was no end to the wonder and creativity on display!

They even had an army of R2D2s!

Tapigami’s exhibit was so adored by the staff at Maker Faire that Danny received FIVE Editor’s Choice blue ribbons!  Hopefully that results in a nice spread in the upcoming issue of MAKE magazine ;).

After two days of set up and two days of working the Faire, our team deserves a break, so thank you a million to all of our awesome volunteers without whom this event could not have happened!