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Danny Scheible Featured at the Exploratorium

Tapigami City installation from The Tinkering Studio on Vimeo.

For the month of September, Danny Scheible was the featured artist in the Tinkering Studio at the world-renowned Exploratorium Museum in San Francisco, CA.  The Tinkering Studio is an interactive space in the museum where artists are invited to share their unique mediums with the museum visitors and staff.  Danny was the first artist to exhibit an installation made of tape, and Tapigami was very excited to be partnering with one of our favorite museums!

After working with the Tinkering Studio staff to build a unique installation Danny spent an afternoon teaching the “Tinkerers” to do Tapigami, and many of them took to it quite quickly!

For the next week, Danny would teach any and every museum goer who came to the Tinkering Studio during its open hours.  He also was able to make some neat videos on Tapigami techniques.  The one below goes through some of Danny’s techniques and how he evolved the artform. Thank you so much to Ryan Jenkins and the rest of the staff at The Exploratorium who made this opportunity possible.  We look forward to seeing the new digs on the Pier in April!

Tapigami rolling techniques and evolution from The Tinkering Studio on Vimeo.

Some of our favorite creations from museum guests:


An elephant never forgets!

A Lovely Lobster!

Everyone did such a good job.  Stay creative, and thank you for supporting Tapigami!