Tap•i•ga•mi (pron: Tāpəˈgämē) is a contemporary art form created by Northern California artist Danny Scheible. First attracted to masking tape because of its versatile, accessible, and malleable nature, Danny used the unlikely material to create large-scale installations that redefined the potential of the medium and allowed him to spread a socially interactive new art form.

A section of Danny’s 1500 square foot installation “TapeCity”
















He later moved on to other everyday materials to stretch the possibilities of his creativity.

“Leviathan” was a 43′x12′x8 ft sculpture composed of thousands of wire-hangers covered with hand-stitched recycled fabrics.

After innovating and mastering various shapes and processes for his installations, Danny began to focus on creating objects that could be enjoyed on a smaller—but no less impressive—scale. By crafting new intricate and beautiful objects, Danny now produces pieces that can be worn, hung as art, or even illuminated.

Masking Tape Lamps by Tapigami

Adhering to the principles of beauty, craftsmanship, reinvention guides Tapigami’s larger mission: to spread creativity all over the world.

All Tapigami pieces are designed and handcrafted by Danny Scheible, which are shipped from our studio in Sacramento, CA. All tape creations made from tape are finished in an acrylic coating to ensure longevity and easy maintenance.

Some hair pins and accessories from Tapigami